Who needs Momzfuel? Benefits of Momzfuel?

by Healthoxide store on 14:56 | Oct 15, 2020

Who needs Momzfuel? Benefits of Momzfuel? - HealthOxide


Don't just take our word for it, read on to understand why Momzfuel protein powder is suggested as the best protein powder for pregnant women and the best protein powder for breastfeeding moms. It comprises essential nutrients like DHA, Zinc, Iodine, Iron, Folic Acid that help in the baby's healthy development. It also contains vital B vitamins.

Why does the body need protein?

Protein made up of smaller building blocks called amino acids are ‘essential,’ for life and cannot be produced by the human body. Given that they cannot be produced we must provide the body with external sources of protein i.e. from your diet.

You can provide the body with a required amount of protein with a diet mix comprising Animal sources, such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, nuts, grains &  legumes.  If that sounds like too much to do and keep track of you can opt for Protein-containing nutritional supplements which can take care of the protein deficiency. 

The body needs proteins to repair damaged tissues and for its own growth. The body breaks down protein to improve and build tissues under ordinary circumstances. During pregnancy and breastfeeding protein intake must be increased as the body needs more nutrition.

Advantages of Momzfuel protein powder

  1. Helps to maintain muscle mass

If you want to retain muscle mass while pregnant, you must have an adequate protein intake, preferably on the higher side. Muscle mass boosts the metabolism of the body. The protein powder works by restricting the loss of muscle mass, which otherwise would lead to a fat gain and water retention, thus decreasing the metabolism of the body. It also keeps the weight in check; what else would a pregnant mom want? 

  1. Protein boosts brain development of the child

Protein acts as a building block for the brain of the baby. It is recommended that pregnant women take protein supplements after the second trimester, as the baby requires the protein for brain development. The body cannot produce protein naturally; that is why you must consume protein supplements or add food like paneer, broccoli, eggs, chicken rich in protein to your diet. Momzfuel works best as it may be challenging to choose a clean eating source.

  1. Prevents binge eating 

Pregnant women feel hungry often and give in to their food cravings, which often lead to unhealthy and excess weight gain. Our protein powder helps to keep the stomach full and keeps the regular snacking at bay. It leaves very little room in your tummy for binge eating and junk like wafers, ice cream, etc.

  1. Helps breastfeeding mothers 

Protein is among the key building blocks of our body and boosts growth. For a new mother, protein supplements help regain strength and build muscles, skin, and tissue. When a new mom lactates, the protein helps to boost supply and provide the energy she needs. Ideally, a breastfeeding mom must have an intake of 0.75 g/kg body weight while lactating.

Can lactating mothers take protein supplements?

Contrary to the misconception that protein supplements and breastfeeding are to be avoided; it is safe to take protein supplements in measured quantities.

Whey is the most common ingredient that constitutes the making of protein powder. It is extracted from dairy products like cheese, butter, ghee, which is advised as a part of the diet for lactating moms. Whey is pasteurized and then transformed into protein powder. Before buying a protein powder for a mother, you must ensure it doesn’t contain any banned substances or heavy metals in preservatives.

Health Oxide Momzfuel High Protein Nutrition Drink Mix Powder for pregnant and breastfeeding and active women is safe and sourced from the highest available resources. It contains no harmful additives. It is also sugar-free and gluten-free. This protein powder is an acceptable source of protein supplements for active women, lactating moms, and pregnant women.

How much protein does a pregnant mother need?

If you are pregnant, your body will require more protein intake to meet your body's changes. The Reference Nutrient Intake for adults is 0.75 g per kg every day, but a pregnant or lactating mom will need an additional 6 g per day.

A woman weighing 65 kg will require 65 x 0.75g/kg = 48.75 g of protein every day. If pregnant, you must add another 6 g, which is 54.75 g daily.

Protein shakes for mothers are recommended to keep up the desired level of protein by the body. Always remember it’s not also just about the quantity; various sources of protein must be part of your daily diet. It also gives your body the necessary vitamins required during pregnancy.

Should I take protein powder or not while pregnant?

If you do not consume a protein-rich or meat-based diet, the protein powder will help meet the protein levels required during pregnancy. However, we recommend that you consult a doctor before including any supplement to the diet.

Always opt for a natural protein powder that has no additives or harmful

ingredients. In case you are lactose intolerant, look for a whey powder-based protein powder to avoid bloating or an allergic reaction.

Some protein powders have thickeners, flavors, sugar, and junk that you or the baby do not require. Look at the ingredients, assess, and then buy.

How to use Health Oxide Momzfuel protein powder?

  • Take a glass of 250 ml of milk.
  • Add a scoop of the protein powder
  • Mix and enjoy. Do not add sugar. 


If you visit a pregnant woman or a new mom, we recommend you gift them the HealthOxide Momzfuel High Protein Nutrition Drink Mix Powder. It is the best protein powder for mothers as nutrition provided in this protein powder is what their body needs. One serving every day will provide the daily requirements for calcium and iron. Given the advantages of protein for lactating mothers and pregnant women they cannot be ignored as a key source of additional protein required by the body.

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