Healthoxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia

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Healthoxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia

Healthoxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia

Customer Reviews

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Paresh Babaria
Fantastic product

I have been using protein powder since last one and half year and highly satisfied with product.

Shreyas Dugar
Product manufactured a year ago, abysmal customer service

My first order from HealthOxide (Double Rich Chocolate) in July was great. I rated it 4 stars.

The second time around, I ordered Cold Coffee... and, holy hell, it was dreadful. Now, I don't know what to blame - the product being over a year old (manufacturing date on the label is Aug 2022) or if the Cold Coffee flavor is an absolute disaster - but it has been a nightmare!

As soon as I opened the jar, there was no delightful aroma to greet me like the previous one. Instead, every time I open the jar, the smell is that of rotten peanuts or oil. I told myself, "Okay, poor organoleptic properties, hopefully the taste will be alright." But no.

No, the taste was absolutely weak. A tiny whiff of "coffee" flavor, at best. And I don't know if the flavor is like this or if it's because I got an year-old product, but when mixed with water, this has an oily texture.

I immediately contacted their customer service by phone 9 days ago. They listened to me and asked me to send a picture of the batch number and manufacturing date to them via Whatsapp. I did. And they told me to wait until the coming Monday (14-Aug) for them to do "testing" on another jar from the same batch. I thought this was pointless, because the product in question is with me, but I agreed anyway.

Fast-forward to 20th of August (today), despite trying to call them and writing to them again on Whatsapp, there has been no response whatsoever - which is why, I'm compelled to write this review.

Hate to say this, but this is why Indian brands will always bear negative opinions. A similar experience with Dymatize ISO100 (imported from Muscle&Strength) occurred earlier this year, and they sent me a replacement immediately!

Extremely disappointing, HealthOxide. I thought I'd found a decent Indian brand that makes and sells good quality whey protein, providing good customer support. Shame on me for trusting you.

Nitin S
Great taste but mixability may be an issue for some

Very good in taste but mixability needs to be addressed as it takes a lot of mixing or more water for a lump free shake.

Dashmeet Singh
Its tastes too good specially mango flavor

Its tastes too good specially mango flavor

Khalid Bhat
Quality maters

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