All you need to know about Energy Boosters / Energy Drinks

by Healthoxide store on 16:30 | Aug 26, 2020

All you need to know about Energy Boosters / Energy Drinks - HealthOxide

Have you felt very drained out after a hard day, or an intense workout session, or after pulling off an all-nighter? An energy drink could help boost your energy levels in situations like these. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of such energy boosters, well, there are many which are very useful. You might come across a lot of debates on whether such energy boosting supplements are healthy. Still, the wide speculation in the market is few do work wonderfully and largely depend on many aspects of your lifestyle. Health oxide has a range of energy-boosting drinks in various flavors that makes up for the electrolyte loss and hydrates the body.

So, if coffee is not working enough to keep you awake when at work and you want to stay on top of your game both in your professional and personal life, energy drinks might be considered. 

So, what are these energy drinks?
The term "energy drink" refers to a broad category of bottled, tetra packed or canned drinking solutions made up of their unique combinations of ingredients by each manufacturer based on taste and effectiveness. If you looked closely, the general ingredients would be pretty much the same with caffeine making for the most common ingredient. 

Energy drinks have ingredients that are stimulants that give your body an instant boost of energy. Energy boosters are made up of caffeine, vitamins, and sugar that promote alertness and enhanced physical performance.

Sports drinks are often confused with energy drinks. A sports drink makes up for the lost water after physical activity and consists of a different mix of ingredients. Sport drinks are typically rehydrating fluids used for hydration during strenuous activity. They contain carbohydrates (sugar) and electrolytes (salt, potassium for example) to replace those lost and used during exercise. There are many which may be caffeine-free.

Soft drinks, on the other hand, are just for taste. They are made up of flavor, sugar, and water. They have no contribution to your body but have a pleasant taste.

As you might have gathered, energy drinks have two primary ingredients – caffeine and sugar that gives that extra bounce. These are mainly fit for students, trainers, or those who need an instant energy kick.


1. Taurine- Taurine helps to regulate heartbeats and ensures proper muscle contractions. This is an amino acid created by the body and is also often considered an ingredient for energy drinks.
2. B-vitamins – Most of these energy drinks come with the goodness of B vitamins that tones the muscles by burning sugar to energy.
3. Ephedrine- This has an impact on the Central Nervous System. The stimulant is a common ingredient in weight loss products and energy drinks.
4. Inositol- It is a member of B vitamin that passes on the message of cells in the body.

5. There are other ingredients like guarana, green tea extract, ginseng etc which on may find as per brand and manufacturers preferences


Several health experts call many energy drinks unhealthy because of the caffeine present in these drinks. The caffeine present in some health drinks blocks adenosine, a chemical that plays a role in sleep. When the caffeine stops the growth of this chemical, the neurons in the brains become active. The pituitary gland releases adrenaline, which may cause palpitation. The liver produces extra sugar to create more energy for the body. These responses in the body create a feeling of a rush of energy.

The energy drinks are safe when consumed in moderation.


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Many times the question arises as to when should one have an energy drink?

Energy drinks may allow you to get more done in a short amount of time. Studies have shown that the right amount of caffeine before a workout may improve endurance in running and muscle strength and endurance for lifting. 

Another research on the human body's circadian rhythm and the effects of caffeine suggests that most people will get the best energy boost by consuming any drink by mid-morning. It takes 30-50 minutes to absorb all the caffeine consuming an energy drink.


Energy Drinks are safe as long as you don’t drink it every day and drink it in moderation. It is okay to have it when you have to spend hours late at night studying, working, or have an intense workout session, but if this becomes a regular pattern, it might be a problem.
Always consult a doctor before consuming a health drink if you have diabetes, have kidney trouble, or are on regular medication.

Caffeine in small amounts does well as it boosts the mood and makes you more alert. However, mixing an energy drink with alcohol may have adverse effects and can leave you dehydrated.