What is a pre-workout supplement?

by Healthoxide store on 15:17 | Jan 19, 2021

What is a pre-workout supplement? - HealthOxide


In the past few years, there has been an increase in the demand for pre-workout supplements. Many people consume supplements without understanding the benefits and drawbacks. With this article, we hope to provide you some clarifications about pre-workout liquids and their benefits.

If you are a newbie to working out, you will genuinely benefit from pre-workout supplements. These drinks improve the workout results as they enhance the lifestyle for those into fitness and improve performance for those involved in sports activities. 

What is a pre-workout supplement?

Gone are the days where a banana or a toast would suffice as a pre-workout meal. Bodybuilders and trainers recommend pre-workout supplements or post-workout liquids these days to provide the body with nutrients for better absorption during and after the workout. This provides the body with the necessary nutrition for better fitness training results.

A pre-workout supplement can be available in a liquid or powder form that benefits the person best when consumed before a workout session.

Common ingredients found in best pre-workout liquid supplements

The most common ingredient in these supplements includes beta-alanine. Let us talk about the ingredients and their benefits.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients in supplements as it supports a more extended workout session with high-intensity exercises.

It improves the metabolism, increases endurance, reduces fatigue, and keeps the brain more active.

  1. B- alanine

It is an amino acid that benefits sports enthusiasts and is produced by the liver. The supplement works better when taken before a workout session.

It improves neuron signals', flexibility, and muscle movement to achieve an optimum workout session. It delays the beginning of neuromuscular fatigue and boosts a person's strength when consumed frequently.

  1. L-Arginine

L- Arginine is also another amino acid that the body produces naturally. It plays a vital role in the body as it is responsible for various bodily functions. However, due to frequent injuries, there is a deficiency of this amino acid in athletes, bodybuilders, and people who regularly work out. So, choosing a pre-workout liquid that has this as an ingredient will help reduce the deficiency.

  1. L-Citrulline

It benefits everyone, whether they are trainers or just people who believe in staying fit. The supplement is beneficial before a workout as it relaxes the blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow and better performance at the workout stage. It accelerates the recovery process after a muscle injury too as it encourages nitrogen removal from the body that is known to reduce sore muscles and fatigue.

Benefits of pre-workout liquid supplements

  1. Nutrition

Taking a supplement half an hour before working out provides the muscles' energy for the workout. The supplement is usually suitable for everyone as it comprises simple carbs and proteins that support a good workout session.

The body loses energy while working out, and the pre-workout drink enables you to keep up with your training and fitness goals by balancing the energy levels.

  1. Better physical appearance

Protein synthesis improves physical appearance. Protein synthesis happens in the body when there is adequate protein intake. The protein synthesis rate must be equal to the body's protein breakdown to maintain muscle growth. 

  1. Prevents fatigue

One of the benefits of pre-workout liquids is that it reduces the feeling of tiredness. An intense workout session is bound to make you feel more tired and burnt out, but taking a pre-workout supplement prevents premature muscle fatigue. It allows us to maintain consistency and keeps up the performance in workout sessions. The liquid gives the body a boost of energy for the body to burn, which prevents you from feeling tired early.

  1. Balances protein synthesis

For the body to gain muscle, the body's protein synthesis must be equal to the protein breakdown. It is better when the rate of protein synthesis is more than the protein breakdown of the body. Pre-workout supplements boost the body's amino acid production, but you must also consume amino acids naturally through a protein-rich diet.

When should you consume the pre-workout liquid?

If you want to benefit from pre-exercise supplements, the timing must be right. To train better, eat a meal with a combination of carbs, proteins, and fat before exercising. It isn't easy to follow a food routine with a balanced amount of nutrition every day before a workout; hence, the Health Oxide Pre-workout Liquid Concentrate comes to your aid. It is light to digest and gives you the required nourishment. It also prevents lethargy during and after exercising.

Which is the best pre-workout supplement?

Well, given that there are many options available in the market, it might be hard to choose one. No one-size-fits-all here, as every body functions differently. Research shows that the supplements with Beta-alanine, L- Citrulline, L-Leucine, Arginine, and B vitamins in the right proportion have more benefits.

Health Oxide Pre-workout Liquid Concentrate comes in a pineapple flavor that lets you enjoy every sip. It gives you strength due to its ingredient mix and supports a power-packed workout. It is among the best-selling drinks in the market because of its benefits. So, if you are looking to get in shape, lose your body's excess fat while gaining lean mass, stop exploring further, and get yourself a bottle of this pre-workout supplement.

What makes it better is, it’s easy to drink as well. Mix 20 ml of the liquid to 200 ml of cold water and drink it at least half an hour before your workout.

While these supplements are safe for most people, we advise checking the ingredients just in case you happen to have any allergies. For those suffering from diabetes, heart, kidney, or any lifestyle disease for which you are on regular medication, it is best to seek your doctor's advice before regularly consuming any supplement. 

On days that you have to drag yourself to exercise, you will find the HealthOxide pre-workout drink to be a savior. Hurry up and order now.