Treat Your Skin and Hair Problems The Natural Way With Biotin Supplements.

by Healthoxide store on 10:06 | Feb 12, 2021

Biotin capsules for hair and nail

Would it feel like a dream if we told you that taking biotin supplements is all that is required for good hair, skin, and nails? Well, it is not a dream. It is the reality.

Biotin's benefits are that you will find yourself asking everyone whether they take Biotin supplements once you start taking them. Be it the models or the celebrities we admire, most of us crave good hair and good skin. Very often, we end up spending huge amounts of money to buy chemically loaded products for hair and skin, continued use of some can make skin over time. This happens because the source of these issues is ignored. One of the causes of hair fall and skin issues is biotin deficiency. Many of us are unaware of what Biotin is and how Biotin benefits us. Read on to know more.

What is Biotin?

B7 is another name for Biotin. It is a B complex vitamin that aids in the regular functioning of nerve, cardiac and digestive functions. B7 boosts the metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids, and amino acids. It is also an essential vitamin that strengthens nails and hair and improves hair fall and hair breakage.

The foods rich in Biotin are egg yolk, avocado, cheese, salmon, banana, cheese, and nuts. Most of us would naturally consume a portion of Biotin, but if one doesn't consume a biotin-rich diet consistently, they might be deficient in the vitamin. The human body cannot produce Biotin naturally, and it is necessary to take supplements if the dietary sources aren't enough.

How much to consume?

Children up to 3 years: 1-2 mcg
Children aged 4-6 years: 25 mcg
Children aged 7- 10 years: 30 mcg.

Those above ten years should consume somewhere between 30-100 mcg every day.

Biotin for healthy hair growth

Biotins strengthens the infrastructure of keratin in your body. The water-soluble vitamin produces a variant of keratin. Therefore, taking supplements or eating biotin-rich food reinforces hair and improves hair quality.

In a study in 2015, women with hair thinning were given an oral biotin supplements for 90 days, twice daily. The research showed women who took the supplement had hair growth from the scalp and lesser hair loss.

Biotin vitamin capsules stimulate the growth of hair from its follicles and reduce inflammation.

For Biotin to work, it is also essential that you consider the causes of hair fall.

Several factors responsible for hair fall are:

1. Postpartum hair-fall
2. Hormonal changes
3. Menopause
4. Iron deficiency
5. Vitamin deficiency

Although Biotin aids in the growth of new hair and improves hair quality, it is better to seek your doctors' advice before taking it regularly.

Biotin for Nail and Skin

Biotin plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin. Several enzymes in the body are dependent on Biotin to perform. Biotin vitamin is essential for body functioning that boosts the production of fatty acids that nourishes the skin. The vitamin enables the oil-producing glands to function efficiently, produces new cells that result in healthy skin.

As far as nails are concerned, several clinical pieces of research show that Biotin strengthens weak and brittle nails. A swiss study stated that those who took biotin supplements daily had thicker nails. This may come as a piece of good news for those who suffer from nail breakage problem or have the habit of biting nails.

Those who suffer from a biotin deficiency are at risk of several skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, etc. Consult your doctor to obtain these benefits from biotin supplements.

Biotin for Health

Other than hair, skin, and nails, Biotin offers several other health benefits.

Strong immunity:

Biotin helps to strengthen and build your immunity. It is one of the significant factors in the production of white blood cells. WBC is the defense mechanism of our body that protects us against various diseases. When you suffer from any bacterial or viral infection, the body's white blood cell count increases to fight off that infection. While the white blood cells ward off disease, Biotin supports aids in this role played by white blood cells.

Improved brain function:

The myelin sheath of our body covers the nerves and helps transmit neuro signals while improving the body's cognitive function. Biotin helps in the production of the myelin sheath.

Reduces the risk of diabetes:

Biotin or the B7 vitamin increases insulin production, which helps to lower the blood sugar levels. As it boosts insulin production, it enhances the intake of glucose in muscles and promotes glycogen synthesis. Evidence and research suggest that biotin supplements reduce the risk of diabetic neuropathy. It is an alternative method to manage the body's blood sugar levels under doctor supervision.

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