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Protein serves many benefits for the body other than just keeping you full and helping you lose weight. Protein is the nutrient of the body that helps to build tissues and repair them. That is the reason this vital nutrient comprising of amino acids is also talked about as the building block of the body. Several surveys state that women aren't aware of their required daily dosage of protein. A protein deficiency can make you feel sluggish, tired, weak and also cause muscle loss. On the other hand, consuming too much protein can put you at risk for kidney diseases, excess weight gain, etc. The only way a woman can benefit from protein intake is when she consumes the right amount.

How much protein does a woman's body need?

RDA ( Recommended Dietary Allowance) states that a body needs 0.8 gms of protein per kg of body weight. However, there have been several debates over this, and several researchers believe that 50 to 60 gms of protein per day is required based on physical activity and overall health.

Why do women need protein?

As women age, they suffer from calcium deficiency and a loss in bone density. It is one of the primary reasons why women should consume protein consistently. A regular intake of protein reduces the chances of heart diseases and coronary diseases. It improves cardiac health and leads to a longer life.

Protein intake keeps the weight in check by improving the metabolism of the body and increasing the number of calories burnt. It also strengthens the body and contributes to the muscle mass that shapes the body. Regular protein intake prevents hypertension. It is a well-known fact that high blood pressure leads to an increased risk of heart attacks. Studies show that a high protein diet reduces the LDL levels of the body, also known as bad cholesterol.

Dietary sources of protein like meat, eggs and certain vegetables boost muscle regeneration. Leading sources of protein are rich in amino acids that repairs and rebuilds muscles and tissues.

Another advantage of adding protein to your diet is it reduces binge eating. Protein shakes, or a high protein meal keeps you fuller longer and reduces late-night snacking and food cravings. It is said to limit excessive weight gain. Protein shakes are a great way to maintain the minimum intake daily, as for older adults, it can be challenging to plan a diet keeping in mind the required daily dosage of protein. This way, you don't have to worry about your diet as the body gets the desired nutrition through the protein shake.

Protein intake for weight loss

Women who have recently delivered or suffer from PCOS, thyroid or other lifestyle diseases tend to gain weight. One of the healthy ways to lose that excess weight is by following a high protein diet. It improves body composition, encourages weight loss, but the critical thing to know here is not to exceed the intake. While consuming balanced levels of protein has tremendous benefits, an excess of it can cause some severe side effects.

Protein to stay in shape. 

For the body to be able to burn fat, the body needs to build lean muscle tissue. The metabolic rate of the body increases if a person has more lean muscle tissue. Thus, protein is essential to promote the formation of lean muscle tissue as it burns more calories and improves the metabolism of the body.

Protein also consists of amino acids that are essential to rebuild muscles and tissues that get sore while working out or muscle training. The amino acids found in protein repairs the micro-tears in the muscles, repair them and builds stronger muscles. It is one of the reasons why amino acids are recognised as building blocks of protein.

Protein for skin, nails and hair

Every woman desires glowing skin and hair. Most of the time, the method to enhance them doesn't work as the body is deficient in protein. Collagen is responsible for the composition of the skin and is one of the proteins found in ample quantity in the body. Collagen isn't just limited to skin and hair benefits, but it also keeps our joints flexible. 

Women need protein supplements after a certain age, as collagen growth declines as one age. It is known that the body stops producing collages when you turn 40, and this is one of the reasons why skin ages, nails become brittle. To avoid this, you have to ensure you have a proper intake of protein regularly in the form of natural food or supplements.

Protein maintains bone health 

If you look around, you will find several women complaining of knee pain and pain in the feet, which is caused due to osteoporosis. Most people assume the Vitamin D and Calcium are only responsible for bone health. Although this real, you must remember that protein plays an equally important role. When the body lacks Calcium and Vitamin D, protein rebuilds the bone strength.

Now that we know all about why women need protein let's consider a more extensive understanding of what sort of protein should you take.

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