Do You Know Some Of The Greatest Myths About Testosterone? It's Time To Bust Them All.

by Healthoxide store on 21:01 | Dec 14, 2020

Do You Know Some Of The Greatest Myths About Testosterone? It's Time To Bust Them All. - HealthOxide

Testosterone is a much-hyped hormone. But is it just a hormone? It is the subject of endless myths. Needless to say, most of them do not have any scientific basis at all. Even in this age of rapid scientific development and technological progress, it is surprising how there can be such profound myths surrounding the scientific field of medicine. Let us understand and bust some of the most common myths about testosterone.

Testosterone is not just the male sex hormone.

Most people hold the view that testosterone is the hormone responsible for maintaining proper sexual and reproductive functioning in men. It is often associated with masculinity. Tonnes of advertisements capitalize on this myth, hoping to lure more customers. However, is testosterone just a male hormone? It is also present in significant amounts within the female body. It is quite active there too, helping in ovulation and performing other necessary functions for the overall well being of a woman.

Moreover, it is not merely a sex hormone either. Yes, it does play some role in your sex life but performs a wide range of other necessary functions as well. Testosterone helps in maintaining good bone health, takes care of your mood, boosts your cognitive capabilities, and promotes lean body mass.

Higher Levels of Testosterone Do Not Necessarily Make A Better Athlete. 

The popular belief goes that a better athlete needs to have higher levels of this so-called male hormone. Many sportspersons and athletes even take hormonal injections to boost their testosterone levels. The market is flooded with healthcare products luring fitness enthusiasts and athletes to boost their testosterone levels artificially. However, in reality, the level of this much-hyped hormone has little to do with your performance in physical activity. Rather, when you engage in intense physical activities that also involve a competition, it can raise the level of testosterone in your body. So, stop worrying about your hormonal level and enjoy the sport.

Testosterone Doesn't Make You Aggressive.

The relation between testosterone and levels of aggression has been the subject of several movies that have easily captivated the audience. A rough, masculine hero who is ruthless and even engages in sexual violence makes for one of the best-selling storylines. Some scholarly journals have also argued that higher levels of testosterone lead to aggressive behavior. However, several studies have also found out that people with higher levels of the hormone are not always violent and aggressive. Hostile behavior is subjective and more often than not depends on the person's attitude and the situation. So the next time someone links this innocent hormone to hostility and aggression, make sure you burst their bubble and bring them back to reality.

Higher Testosterone Levels Do Not Necessarily Lead To Better Performance in Bed.

This is probably the most common myth among people of all ages but more among young adults. It has become deeply ingrained in the psyche of people. Many of them hold the firm belief that there is a direct relationship between testosterone levels and sexual performance. Many products make the fullest use of this misconception and promote hormonal products that will supposedly allow you to give a better performance in bed. However, quite contrary to popular belief, how well you perform in your bedroom often has nothing to do with just the levels of the hormone. Your performance during sex and the ability to satisfy your partner depends on your passion and creativity, among other things. The level of a hormone can neither determine the amount of pleasure you get during the act nor your ability to satisfy your partner. It is instead the opposite. Intense levels of sexual activity can stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.

No, It Didn't Lead To The Market Crash in 2008!

Does that sound ridiculous? Yes, it indeed is. The level of a hormone in the human body has been linked to a major economic crash the Western world witnessed in 2008. Many wise men pointed out that young men took illogical and baseless risks due to high levels of testosterone. It made them impulsive, and they could not make a rational decision. Many experts firmly believed that it was testosterone that had broken the backbone of the economy. Activities like speculation that involve risks do increase testosterone levels. Gaining higher profits or winning at gambling significantly raises the levels of testosterone in the body. However, no valid link has been established between testosterone levels and making irrational decisions. It depends on the beliefs, attitudes, and psychological characteristics of a person.

Lower Levels Of Testosterone Doesn't Make a Man Effeminate.

Another widespread misconception is that the levels of testosterone determine your 'manliness'. Many people believe that having lower levels of this hormone can make a man effeminate. However, contrary to all popular notions, a hormone has nothing to do with the gender of a person. Gender is an identity that has been constructed by society. A person's gender expression can depend on a lot of factors, including their socialization since childhood. It is shaped by the kind of company the person received in his childhood, the activities he engaged in, the toys he played with and more. Thus it is more about the environment and external factors rather than the mechanisms within one's body, including hormones. So, the levels of testosterone have hardly anything to do with your level of masculinity.

When you hear these baseless and ridiculous myths about testosterone in the future, make sure you bust them. Also, take care to educate the person with some rational arguments. Propagating such myths even in the 21st century is not desirable. Testosterone is just a hormone, just like many others that play a vital role in the overall functioning of your body and makes sure that you stay healthy. You can try out Men's Testo Perform Gold to maintain the optimum levels of testosterone in your body and boost your stamina while taking care of your overall well being.