All you need to know about Energy drinks or energy boosters

by Healthoxide store on 17:01 | Dec 22, 2020

All you need to know about Energy drinks or energy boosters - HealthOxide


We struggle with keeping up our energy levels in our fast-paced life in today's stress-laden times. Whether it is work, exams, or workout, most of us are working towards a goal where we are bound to lose some energy. To function with confidence and say 'the show must go on,' you need to provide the body with that extra energy which can be in the form of energy drinks.

You will see various kinds of energy drinks when you enter a supermarket, but do you know what these energy drinks are? Several people are dependent on energy drinks for a quick instant recharge to get through the day. The critical thing to note here is that several beverages contain artificial colours, sweeteners that can make you feel jittery and agitated. 

The best way to benefit is to buy a reputed brand that serves healthy drinks from natural sources. Health Oxide Boost Extra Power energy drink is one such energy drink that boosts your body's energy levels with no side effects.

Energy drinks are safe provided you have understood the ingredients. Several kinds of research have been conducted globally by regulatory agencies on the ingredients of these drinks. Some energy drinks contain less caffeine than a coffeehouse size coffee. 

Benefits of energy drinks

  1. Pumps you up

If you feel drained and need an instant energy source, energy booster drinks are just the thing for you. They are known to keep you more alert, awake, and make you more productive.

  1. Do not worry about caffeine

When you consume energy drinks, you are aware of the amount of caffeine you are consuming. It gives the consumers an idea to balance their coffee and tea intake to manage their caffeine intake throughout the day. 

  1. Quick caffeine rush

The caffeine from energy drinks enters the bloodstream quicker as it is consumed cold, unlike coffee. Coffee is one of the richest caffeine sources, but it doesn't give an instant rush as it is a hot beverage and should be consumed slowly. Energy drinks are served cold or at room temperature, making it easy to swallow quickly, instantly helping the caffeine enter the bloodstream.

  1. Flavours

One significant advantage of energy drinks is that it is available in various flavours. Health Oxide Extra Power Drink comes in black currant, guava, green apple, orange, and pineapple flavours to suit your mood. The variety of flavours is beneficial to those who do not like tea and coffee and energy drinks. 

  1. Storehouse of supplements

What is better than a delicious drink that is full of nutrients that your body deserves? Yes, energy drinks comprise Envita nutrients, Vitamins, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, B 12, and B 16. The nutrients in the body boost bone and muscle strength. The body benefits from these when consumed periodically for over a long period.

  1. Refreshes the body

The right way to drink an energy drink is when it's carbonated and cold, which immediately refreshes the person. It is one of the prime reasons why this is more popular as a refreshment than other carbonated drinks.

  1. Speedy recovery

After an intense workout session or a run in the Sun, most athletes or trainers prefer a cold refreshing drink to boost their energy. A milky or hot drink is not an after workout drink as it doesn't give the instant rush to the body. Moreover, caffeine instantly recharges the body.

Things to keep in mind while consuming an energy drink.

Whichever brand of energy drink you choose to consume, you must keep the following points in mind,

  1. Keep your overall caffeine intake in control. As the energy drinks give your body a required amount of caffeine every day, an overdose can outweigh the good the energy drink otherwise does to the body.
  2. Find an online caffeine calculator to keep a count of your everyday caffeine intake.
  3. If you have had a recent surgery or are due for surgery, it is best to avoid such drinks.
  4. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must avoid energy drinks unless approved by the doctor.
  5. If you suffer from poor cardiac health, seek your doctor's permission as caffeine is dangerous for heart patients.
  6. Energy drinks are strictly meant for adults. Kids are not permitted to drink it.
  7. It is dangerous for kids as their reaction to caffeine is unknown, and they may have an undiagnosed heart condition.

Health Oxide Boost Extra Power Energy Drink has ingredients that benefit those who want to boost their energy levels. 

B vitamins: The B vitamins found in this energy booster converts food into instant energy for the body. 

Caffeine: It gives you instant energy after a workout.

Taurine: It is a chemical and enacts the same job as amino acids in the body. It allows the body to perform in a better way when stressed.

It also contains other necessary minerals that your body needs after an intense workout. The Boost Extra Power Energy drink doesn't break the bank but is the answer for a hit of energy before or after a workout. It gives you more power and comes in five flavours. It has become popular in a short time as it is produced scientifically and naturally energizes the body. It may help the body to burn fat as it boosts the metabolism. 

The next time you want to buy an energy drink, order the Health Oxide Boost Energy Power Drink sitting at the comfort of your home. We are sure you would like to try all the flavours and have them over and over again. As we go through a pandemic, the safest is to order from home, as we assure a contactless delivery.