Understanding Keto Diet and Using it to lose weight and be fit

by Healthoxide store on 21:47 | Nov 06, 2020

Understanding Keto Diet and Using it to lose weight and be fit - HealthOxide

What do you understand by the term fitness? Well, fitness isn't just about going to the gym. It is about making efforts to maintain your BMI. You can do this when you follow a routine to maintain your physical and mental health. It is said that 30 minutes of exercise every day helps you to stay fit. Staying fit physically and mentally improves your quality of life. Physical fitness plays a vital role in boosting your immunity and keeps you away from lifestyle diseases and medical conditions. 

What is the Keto Diet? 

The basic rule of a Keto Diet is that the meals should be low carb, high in fat, including a generous amount of protein.

Let’s understand the connection between Fitness and Keto.

The word fitness includes physical and mental health. Physical health and mental health should go hand in hand. If someone is physically fit but mentally unwell, it affects the ability to put out their best. It is also true that mental fitness is better when you are physically fit. Therefore, you must exercise and eat the right food too. 

What does physical fitness mean? 

Physical fitness means having a healthy mind and healthy, energetic body. It means that you work towards maintaining your body weight with an exercise and diet regimen. The diet plays a significant role in providing the body with the strength to carry out the different kinds of physical activity required in day to day life. 

To maintain fitness, you must follow a disciplined routine. Spend more time standing than sitting. As work from home has become the norm, make sure to create a workspace that involves you to stand and move around more. Add physical activity like hiking and biking. Walk around the neighbourhood during the weekend. Practice yoga every day or do some freehand exercises, but what is most important is that you follow a routine.

These are the few things you must keep in mind

  • Increase your daily physical activity.
  • Create a structured exercise routine to improve physical fitness.
  • Follow a healthy meal plan.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. The food we eat has an impact on the body. Exercising utilises the food we eat and burns it to recharge us.

For example, when you eat protein, it is for the body's muscles, but the body doesn't utilise it when you don't burn it out. 

Nutrition has a prime role to play in fitness. 


A Keto diet is always mentioned whenever nutrition and fitness are discussed. The Keto diet has gained popularity globally for the benefits it has to offer. 

It may seem challenging to switch to the Keto diet, but it isn't so. The main thing to keep in mind is to restrict carb intake. While you reduce carbs, balance your diet by increasing fat and protein content in snacks and meals. It is advisable to consult a dietician or nutritionist who can analyse how many carbs your body needs to achieve ketosis. 

What is Ketosis?

When the body burns fat instead of carbs and uses it as fuel for the body while achieving a metabolic state, it is called ketosis. Basically you burn more than you take in, leading to weight loss.

The best way to achieve this state is to follow a ketogenic diet. Limit your carbs and balance it with healthy proteins and healthy fats. Cutting down carbohydrates reduces the supply of sugar, which is the only source of fuel for cells. 

A keto diet also includes proteins, but you must ensure that you consume it in moderation. If the body consumes excess protein, it converts it into glucose, which slows down ketosis.

Helpful Tips for those on a Keto Diet 

  • As you prepare to follow a Keto diet, make it a habit to check the food labels and not exceed the amount of fat, carbs, and fibre that you can consume daily.
  • Making a weekly meal plan makes it more accessible.
  • Research online for keto-friendly apps, recipes, and cookbooks that make the cooking process more manageable.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, food rich in sugar, rice, wheat products, low-fat products, potatoes, alcohol, candies, sauces, etc.
  • Add more meat, eggs, fatty fresh, nuts, butter, cream, low carb veggies, etc 

Benefits of Keto Diet and Keto supplements

  • It helps in the recovery of a failing nervous system as it protects and regenerates the body's neuro system.
  • Ketones boosts antioxidant production in the body. It protects the body from illness and boosts immunity.
  • If you want to preserve the muscles, then this diet is for you—the diet limits calories, which improves fitness.
  • Reduces the chances of cancer. Cancer cells can't mutate on cells, and it doesn't utilise ketones to multiply. Without fuel in the body, cancer cells cannot reproduce.

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