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Healthoxide Multivitamins Tablets for Men

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  • It promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss
  • For healthy hair, skin and strong nails.
  • Helps bring glow to skin
  • Supports carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Vegetarian / Vegan
Product description

After reaching a specific age a person starts facing a bad health condition. At this time using multivitamins for men will be a desirable condition.

  • Leads to an improvement in hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Using such multivitamins will offer healthy hair, skin, and strong nails
  • The buy multivitamins for men online in India helps bring a complete glow to the face.
  • Supports carbohydrates, protein, and fat metabolism for vegetarian people.

 Uses & Effectiveness

  • Boost sports performance: Daily multivitamin for men will help in improving overall sports performance.
  • Increases strength: When a person has the multivitamin as per recommendation then the power of focus and strength increases.
  • Boost stamina: for the regular working of daily life there is a requirement for stamina and it can be increased by having the tablets daily.

How to use Multivitamins for Men – 60 Veg Tablets protein?

Based on the recommendation of the dietician you can take one to two tablets in a complete day of best multivitamin for men. It can be taken with a glass full of water.

How can I take?

  • After the meal : Mainly the recommendation for consuming best vitamins for men is after the meal. The best time is to have them after a meal.

What Does The Product Do?

The multivitamin tablets for men proves to be a genuine option in many ways. It does a lot of things for the body of men:

  • The good multivitamin for men works as a support system for the brain of men.
  • Act as a support for eyes.
  • Joint support
  • Digestive support
  • Antioxidant support
  •  Muscles building  support

Multivitamins for Men – 60 Veg Tablets protein benefits

  • All in one formula: Consumption of the best multivitamin tablets for men in daily life will help a person feel best.
  • Support for men's health: It helps in the development of men's health as it contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains digestive blend: The availability of the digestive blend in the men's health supplement will help in regulating the overall digestion system.

Multivitamins for Men – 60 Veg Tablets protein side effects

After complete testing of the best daily vitamin of men, an estimation is framed that they are completely secure without any sort of side effects.

Special Precautions and Warnings

  • Go through the directions: The best advisable option for consumers is to go through the directions mentioned on the bottle of tablet. It will provide you with an idea as to when and how to have them.
  • Do not exceed dose: The dose of medicine must be as per the recommendation of experts. Taking them in excess can have a bad effect on health. You can prefer to buy multivitamins for men online.


In the complete day, you can have 1 to 2 tablets of healthoxide multivitamins for men for better results.

Facts on the multivitamins for men

Serving tablet: 1

Servings per container: 60

Essential vitamins blend

Vitamin C

40 mg

Vitamin B3

16 mg

Vitamin E

7 mg

Vitamin B5

4 mg

Vitamin B6

2 mg

Vitamin B 1

1.2 mg

Vitamin B2

1 mg

Vitamin A Retinol

2000 IU

Vitamin D

400 IU

Folic Acid

150 mcg


20 mcg

Vitamin K

20 mcg

Vitamin B12

1 mcg

Essential mineral blend


150 mg


40 mg


40 mg


15 mg


12 mg


1.7 mg


40 mcg


30 mcg


4 mcg


125 mcg

Sport performance Amino Blend


40 mg


40 mg


40 mg


40 mg


40 mg


20 mg


20 mg


10 mg

Brain &eye blend

Brain and eye blend



20 mg


10 mg


2 mg

Antioxidant &vitality blend


Ginseng extract

50 mg

Alpha lipoic acid

10 mg

Grape seed extract

10 mg

Ginkgo biloba extract

10 mg

Lycopene 6%

600 mcg

Metabolism digestive blend


Alpha amylase



10000 HUT


1000 LU

Black pepper extract

5 mg

Garlic extract

5 mg

Spirulina extract

5 mg

Joint care blend


Glucosamine sulphate

20 mg

Chondroitin sulfate

10 mg

Turmeric extract

10 mg

Weight management blend


L- carnitine

50 mg

Green tea extract

20 mg

Testosterone &muscle building extract


Tribulus terrestrosin

100 mg

L- arginine

50 mg


10 mg


5 mg



Additional information
M.R.PRs. 1099.00Manufactured ByNutricore Biosciences Private Limited
No. 18, Kohinoor, Varachha Main Rd, opp. GK Chambers,
Mini Bazar, Surat, Gujarat 395006
Country of Origin IndiaShelf life 18 MonthsNet Quantity 60 TabletsFSSAI Lic No.10715031000061
Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Utsav Disha

One of the best product I ever purchased. Must for most individuals for the daily food that we consume may not have all the known essential vitamins, essential minerals, essential aminoacids, and antioxidants.

Sonali Pauranik
great multivitamin

Without a doubts this are the best multivitamins we have tried ... weve been looking for a while now and have tried plenty, they are easier to swallow, there is no after taste and the price is excellent! We will keep on buying this without a doubt!!!

Sonali Pauranik
invest in your health

. The multivitamins are very important for our body as it has numerous advantages to our skin, immunity system and digestive system and much more. At times like this we need to keep our Immunity Strong and I've been using Healthoxide product since a long timeand it's been very helpful.

Pareshkumar Babaria
best health supplement company

I have been using healthoxide products since last five years and I found it best supplement company in India at reasonable price in comparison to other health supplements brands.. Products quality and its result is real awesome... I always do recommend it to my friends and now they are regular customer of healthoxide. I would give more than 5 star rating to healthoxide. Good job

Nandkishor Chavan
one of the best multivitamin tablet for men

I like this product since it has a good flavour and easy to swallow. During corona times it is no doubt a beneficial multi vitamins to increase the immune system.

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