Healthoxide Whole Food Biotin for Healthy Hair, Nail, Skin,120g

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Ingredients in whole food biotin

Carrot powder, Pomegranate powder, Orange peel powder, Green mango powder, Himalayan pink salt, Amla powder, Bamboo Extract, Sesbania Extract, Lemon Powder



Benefits of biotin

It makes nails and hair strong.

Biotin is good for hair growth and prevents hair fall and hair thickening.
Biotin is good for skin as it uses as antioxidant for skin which enhances glowing skin.
Biotin provides many benefits for the skin such as prevents from dark spots, dryness, acne, and wrinkle.
Biotin also prevents dandruff one of the main reason for hair fall
Regular uses of biotin can strengthen the weak nails
It can be used by both males and females.

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What Makes It Super Amazing?


Filled With Vitamin C Hair Growth 

Bamboo Extract

Rich in Silica Rejuvenates Skin

Sesbania Extract

Hign In Biotin Reduces Wrinkles


Contains Antioxidants Anti-aging

What Does The Product Do

 Makes Hair Strong

Control Hair Fall

Hair Shine & Lustre

Boost Scalp Blood Circulation 

Prevents Hair Graying 

Control Hair Thinning

Direction To Use

Add 1 scoop (33 g) of HealthOxide Whey + Casein Protein into 180 to 200 ml water.

Shake well & consume 1-2 times in a day.

Why It Is Safe


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews Write a review