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Healthoxide Pure Raw Casein Protein 80%

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  • SLOW DIGESTING PROTEIN: Healthoxide Micellar Casein is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade micronized L-Glutamine from free Additives. And it is Micronized, Unflavored, and pure raw form.
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Micronized L-Glutamine free From Additives
  • No Added Preservatives, Free From Fillers
  • Tested Purity & Heavy Metals
  • Create Your Own Shake with Your Favorite Juice or Other Beverages
Product description

The Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein 80% is the best quality protein that offers about 24 grams of protein in each serving. The best thing is that it makes sure that the release of amino acids in the bloodstream is at a slower rate.

  • There are no added preservatives in the protein and is free from fillers.
  • Tested purity and heavy metals
  • You can create your shake with your favorite juice and other beverages
  • Healthoxide Micellar casein is a 100% pure option that is completely free from additives. It is unflavored and even pure raw form for the best possible use.

Uses & Effectiveness?

  • Cirrhosis: If the person is facing the issue then taking protein for 4 to 6 days will improve their mental consumption greatly.
  • Makes athletic performance better: Some research even shows that taking the required protein after exercising for a good period will improve life of muscles.
  • Infant development: Offering caffeine protein to premature or low birth weight babies is not an advisable option as it might hamper their growth rate.

How to use Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein?


Scoop it up: Take about 60 grams of pure raw casein protein powder


Mix and Shake: Add 200-300 ml of water, milk, or other liquid of your choice. Shake the mixture well for a minute to take out the lumps.


Savor the Goodness: Now you can have the protein shake for the best results.

How can I take it?

  • Travelling: While travelling from one place to another you must carry the protein powder so that you can achieve the goals in a better way.
  • Post workout: Just have the protein powder after completing the exercise as it builds muscles and makes the condition better.

What Does The Product Do

It is not in a single way that taking the Healthoxide Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein 80%  proves to be a beneficial option.

  • If you are facing an infection of hepatitis C then taking the medicine for 12 weeks will make your condition better.
  • Consumption of pure raw casein powder will also help in the maintenance of the cholesterol level in the blood.

Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein Benefits

Adding pure raw casein protein powder to daily diet will offer a lot of benefits to the consumers in the long run:

  • Decrease hunger: The main effect of the casein protein is that it will lead to the feeling of fullness and delay hunger.
  • Promotes blood pressure level: There is a reduction of the blood clots that ultimately decrease the blood pressure level.
  • Improvement in immunity system: The properties of the protein shake will enhance the mucosal immune functioning at a good rate.
  • Repair muscles: Helps in building lean muscle, boosts metabolism, and immunity system.

Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein side effects

If planning to take in an adequate amount you can buy Pure Raw Micellar Casein protein 80% online as it will offer a lot of benefits. As such there are no side effects of having such protein for males or females.

Special Precautions and Warnings

  • During the period of pregnancy or breast consuming with the doctor is an advisable option.
  • If you are facing any issue related to the liver or kidney then also taking expert advice in advance is best.
  • If a person has a milk allergy then avoid the consumption of the powder as it might prove to be a dangerous.


As such there are no specific interactions that have been declared for this protein.


No fixed dose has been taken into account for a person. Based on some common factors consumer can be sure as to what amount of the powder will be suitable:

  • Age of user
  • Heath issues

You can analyze the direction and consult with a professional before being sure about the amount of powder that will be best.

Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop (30g)

Serving per pack: 33 


Amount per 100 gm

Amount per 30 gm


80 g

24 g

Total Carbohydrates

16.6 g

5 g

Added Sugar

0 g

0 g

Dietary Fiber

3.33 g

1 g

Total Fat

<3.3 g

<1 g

Saturated Fat

1.67 g

0.5 g

Trans Fat

0 mg

0 mg


0 mg

0 mg

Typical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving

Essential Amino Acid(EAAs)

Conditionally Essential Amino Acids ( CAAs)

Nonessential Amino acids (NAAs)



Aspartic Acid












Glutamine & Glutamic acid



9.30 G

10.17 G

4.53 G

Additional information
Manufactured ByNutricore Biosciences Private Limited
No. 18, Kohinoor, Varachha Main Rd, opp. GK Chambers,
Mini Bazar, Surat, Gujarat 395006
Country of Origin India
Shelf life 18 Months
Net Quantity 1Kg
FSSAI Lic No.10715031000061
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