Healthoxide Hair vitamin gummies with biotin, vitamin C,E & A gummies

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  • BIOTIN GUMMIES TO STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR: Biotin, Zinc, and Multivitamin gummies are packed with essential nutrients to strengthen your hair.
  • BIOTIN SUPPORTS BEAUTY: Healthoxide Gummies Flowing Hair contains biotin, a vital nutrient that promotes hair growth, makes it shinier, smoother, longer, and adds to its overall beauty.
  • REPAIRS HAIR: A lack of zinc & biotin can cause weak hair and brittle nails these gummies have hair-loving ingredients that nourish the hair to improve the overall quality of the hair.
  • Gluten-Free: The gluten-free gummies are the best unisex solution to help control hair fall and stimulate hair growth while giving your hair a complete makeover.
Product description

Consuming health oxide hair vitamin gummies contains a good amount of Biotin which helps in getting stronger nails and strong hair. It even helps in the growth of healthy cells that metabolize amino acids for the building of protein.

Uses and Effectiveness

  • Repair hairs: If a person faces a lack of zinc and biotin then it leads to weak hairs and brittle nails. Consuming these hair vitamin gummies will strengthen the quality of hair.

  • Supports beauty : Based on the hair vitamin gummies reviews an estimation is framed that they even help in supporting beauty as they offer shiner and longer hair which increases overall beauty.

How to use Biotin 10000 mcg?

Take a summy and have it at any time. Chewing is the best option to have good and effective results. These are best hair vitamin gummies for shinier hair.

What does the product do?

  • The best hair vitamin gummies in India are responsible for boosting protein building and even for the promotion of cell growth which makes it the choice for people.
  • The available hair gummies for women will also help in improving the condition of brittle nails and even offer healthy skin for an extended period.
  • Biotin capsules contain a good amount of the vitamins and minerals that help in offering an adequate amount of energy to the body. These are the best hair vitamin gummies in India.

Biotin 10000 mcg benefits

  • Promotes hair growth : The Hair gummies for women contain different vitamins like A, and B5 that not only boost hair growth but also lead to a healthy scalp.

  • Avoid the risk of hair loss: The nutrient that these gummies offer helps in the repairing of hair both from inside and outside. Proper nourishment and strengthening of the hair follicles are there.

  • Leads to better skin hydration : The presence of biotin will help in making hair shiner, smoother and longer that leads to better hair texture.

  • Offers stronger nails : These multivitamins will also help in boosting the nails and the growth of hair. This is best hair gummies benefits.

Biotin 10000 mcg side effects

Consumption of the gummies is a safe option. There are no side effects concerned with the same if a person remains active in choosing the dose of the medicine.

  • There has been complete lab testing
  • Gluten-free
  • Preservative free

Precaution and warning

Plan to buy health oxide hair vitamin gummies online as there are a lot of platforms that offers high quality gummies.


Based on the recommendation of the doctor a person can chew one gummies in a day and buy hair vitamin gummies online.

Nutrition facts

Serving Size: 1 Gummy

Serving per container: 60 approx


Amount per Servings


12.8 kcal


0 gm


3.2 gm

Total sugar

3 gm

Added sugar

2.4 gm


0 gm


0 gm

Vitamin C

80 mg

Vitamin E

10 mg

Vitamin A

2000 IU

Vitamin B7

40 mcg

Additional information
M.R.PRs.928/60 Serving
Manufactured ByNutricore Biosciences Private Limited
No. 18, Kohinoor, Varachha Main Rd, opp. GK Chambers,
Mini Bazar, Surat, Gujarat 395006
Country of Origin India
Shelf life 18 Months
Net Quantity 60 Serving
FSSAI Lic No.10715031000061
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Promotes Hair Growth

You can boost your hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp by eating hair gummies that are packed with essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Biotin, Vitamin B9, etc.

Prevents Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss, the best remedy is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Hair gummies provide enough nutrients to your hair and repair it from the inside out. They strengthen and nourish your hair follicles.

Improve Skin’s Hydration & Texture

A vital nutrient, biotin enhances hair growth while making it shinier, smoother, and longer while improving its texture while adding to overall beauty with Healthoxide Gummies Flowing Hair.

Strengthens Nails

Gummy multivitamins boost hair and nail growth while elevating metabolism, so that your hair is nourished and strong.

Healthoxide Hair Vitamin  Gummies

Details of Hair Vitamin Gummies

As a result of Biotin, you will get stronger nails, lustrous hair, and glowing skin from the inside out. It promotes healthy cell growth and helps to metabolize amino acids that build protein. Boosting protein building and promoting cell growth make Biotin an effective supplement that aids in hair growth among women/men, it helps strengthen brittle nails, and it helps maintain healthy skin as well due to its effect on fat metabolism.

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Recommended Usage 

Take 1 gummy daily and chew it, for effective results.

Why It Is Safe


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