BCAA 7000 Amino Acid Instantized 2:1:1 Powder

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Manufacturing of the Healthoxide BCAA 7000 Amino Acid Instantized 2:1:1 Powder has been done with the help of the fermentation process. After the process, the purest form of the branched-chain amino acids is delivered. The BCCA is a great option that is normally not produced within the body so a person has to consume it through his normal diet.

What does BCAA 7000 Amino Acid Instantized do?

  • Help in improving liver issues : The BCAA will help in improving the health condition of the person who is facing liver issues that make working quite difficult.

  • Reduce exercise fatigue : It is a natural process that a person feels weak when they keep on doing exercise for a long time. here consumption of the powder reduces such issues and the person will feel energetic.

How to use BCAA 7000 Amino Acid Instantized?

  • Add a scoop of powder : Take a jar, and add about 2 scoops of BCAA 7000 Amino Acid Instantized 2:1:1 Powder, which will be approximately 6 gms in quantity.

  • Shake it well : Add the desired amount of the powder in about 200 to 300 ml of water and mix it properly for the final results.

How to take it?

The best time to take the powder is after having the meal.

 BCAA 7000 Amino Acid Instantized benefits

  • Offer protection to lean muscles : In some cases the muscle mass is catabolic and there is the presence of muscle loss. In such a situation use of the BCAA 7000 Instantized 2:1:1 Powder will act as the preservative.

  • Reduces exercise fatigue : When a person uses his muscles during the exercise then there is a decrease in the amount of the BCAA. In some situations, if there is a decrease in blood level then an increase in brain level is there.

  • Increases muscle growth : The presence of BCAA leucine in the body will help in stimulating the protein synthesis of the body; it is a crucial process for making the muscles.

Precaution and warning

  • Unsafe for children : Consumption of the powder is not safe for children, it is not a desirable option to add it to the diet.

  • Avoid taking after alcohol : A person should never consume a drink after having a drink as it might have severe effects.



Consumers can have healthoxide BCAA in the desired amount as per the guidance of experts. They are in powdered form and can be taken by adding in water.

Nutritional facts

Serving size: 2 scoops (10g)

Serving per container: 30


Amount per serving


0. 9 kcal


0 g


0.23 g

Added Sugar

0 g



BCAA 2:1:1 (

7000 mg


3500 mg


1750 mg


1750 mg

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Ajay Rathee

Pineapple flavored is best

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