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Women's Sports Combo - Womens protein + multivitamin for women + shaker

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Product description

HealthOxide Women’s protein is the best multivitamins for women as it consists of essential elements like vitamins and nonessential amino acids. It helps in fulfilling the basic requirements of nutrients in your body. This protein powder is instantized which means that the protein will easily dissolve in water. In case you don’t have a shaker or blender for blending the protein then with just one stir, this protein will be mixed well.

Uses & Effectiveness

This best multivitamin for women combines whey protein, soya isolate, calcium caseinate, and other milk solids. It gives a very refreshing taste whenever you consume it. Just after having this protein, the amino acid will rapidly move into the bloodstream. All you need to consume is 24 grams of protein once a day.

How to use it?


Scoop it up: Take a container and add one scoop of protein powder to it. Along with this, you can mix it either into 200 ml of water, in any beverage of your choice, or in fat-free milk.  


Mix and Shake: Now, mix and shake the powder well so that there will be no lumps present in it.


Savor the Goodness: Once your protein shake is ready then you can enjoy its goodness and deliciousness.

How can I take it?

For taking HealthOxide women’s protein powder, you have multiple options such as:

In the breakfast

You can begin your day by consuming multivitamin tablets for women. Take one scoop of Health Oxide women’s protein by diluting it with 180 to 200 ml of water. You can also consume it with milk or any other beverage. Make sure that you are adding complex carbs along with the protein shake. It could be anything like oats, sweet potato, or whole grain cereal.

Before sleep

Before going to sleep, you can have one scoop of protein mixture by diluting it into 200 ml of chilled skimmed milk. After consuming it, your body will remain in an anabolic state because it start releasing amino acid into your bloodstream.


It is a great option to consume this protein mixture post-workout. For this, all you need is one scoop of protein mixture by mixing it with water.

What Does The Product Do

There are so many benefits of taking this protein mixture as it helps lean muscle growth, controls weight, good for hair, skin, nails, and bone health. When you have healthy muscles then it start burning fat and cutting calories. For storing a proper amount of protein and fat, you can consume this protein powder.


This protein mixture helps in making bone health strong and it is a best multivitamin for women. It contains calcium and vitamin D which is highly beneficial for the body. Also, the integrity and strength of nails, hair, and skin will be maintained just after consuming this protein mixture.

side effects

There is no side effects because it is aspartame-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free. But on the other side, if you are lactose intolerant then you might get allergic because it contains milk and soy.

Special Precautions and Warnings

You can’t have this protein along with antibiotics because it will affect your digestive system. Also, if you are lactose intolerant then you should avoid consuming it.


Divide and plan your meals before you take this protein powder. Regarding controlling body weight, it is best to consume this protein early in the morning.


The amount of protein powder and its dosage must be appropriate and not too much. You should consume one scoop of protein only.

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I love this combo … it’s super affordable but I got a damaged shaker… but it’s okay because it’s not leaking… thankyou so much … I am very happy…satisfied

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 Lean muscle growth

A strong muscle mass increases the body's ability to burn fat, and it also helps to convert food into energy. Healthy muscles burn calories instead of storing them as fat, and protein is necessary to build lean muscle tissue.

 Weight Control

You can lose weight by increasing the percentage of calories you get from protein-rich foods every day, so you'll feel fuller or even consume fewer calories overall as a result.

 Hair, Skin, Nails

There is a significant role played by protein in maintaining the health and integrity of hair, skin, and nails

 Bone Health

In terms of bone health, calcium and vitamin D are generally credited as being the most important nutrients. However, protein plays a significant role as well.


Start your day with ONE scoop of Health Oxide Women’s Protein in 180 to 200 ml of water. Don't forget to include complex carbs like sweet potatoes, oats and whole grain cereals along with your protein shake.

 BEFORE YOU SLEEP (Remain in anabolic state 24/7)
We advise you to add 5 to 10 grams of psyllium husk to ONE scoop of Health Oxide Women’s Protein in about 180 to 200 ml of cold skimmed milk. This combination leads to slow release of amino acids in your bloodstream for long hour ensuring that your body remains in an anabolic state even while you sleep.

POST WORKOUT (The window of opportunity)
Along with ONE scoop of Health Oxide Women’s Protein add around 0.4 grams maltodextrin or glucose per pound of body weight to appropriate amount of cold water. Shake well and consume immediately after your workout in order to restore depleted glycogen and repair the muscles. This is the time when the absorption rate of muscles is the highest.

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Recommended Usage 

A) Add a scoop (given inside the container) of 30.2 g in to 180 to 200 ml water, fat free milk or other suitable beverage of choice 

Stir well 

 And enjoy the  deliciousness. 

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