HealthOxide Plant Protein & Pea Protein Isolate 85% Combo

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Product description

This Pea Protein Isolate is generated from a protein plant that is 100% plant-based. It provides a high level of nutrients to your body. As a reason, it is enriched with antioxidants and phytonutrients. With a single serving, you will get high protein in your body. Through this, the overall requirement of protein in your body will be fulfilled.

Uses & Effectiveness

The ultimate use of this plant protein powder is that it will help in controlling cholesterol in your body. Along with this, it is less acidic. Thus, there is no additional ingredient present in this protein powder. All lactose intolerant people can also consume this plant protein because it is free from gluten, GMO, and soy.

How to use it?


Scoop it up: You can take out one scoop of protein powder and stir it well with water.


Mix and Shake: You need to properly mix it with water so that it will become easy to consume.


Savor the Goodness: Now experience all the goodness of this plant protein powder as it is available in natural chocolate plant flavor.

How can I take it?

This plant-based Healthoxide Pea Protein helps in losing weight thus you can take it in an empty stomach. It will become more effective if you will consume it early in the morning.

What Does The Product Do

It is a completely natural product that makes you feel more energetic. Along with this, your overall muscle health will be improved and recover. It also helps in building immunity through which your body will get all the nutrients.


High-quality protein source: This pea protein isolate contains high-quality of protein sources. If your body has protein deficiency then it is highly recommended to consume this protein powder.

Rich in iron: People who have iron deficiency must consume this product because it is rich in iron.

Heart and kidney health: Once you begin consuming this raw and unflavoured pea protein powder your overall heart and kidney health will improve in no time.

Build muscle mass: If you are into bodybuilding and looking for a plant-based protein powder then consuming healthoxide protein powder is best for you.

side effects

This healthoxide plant protein isolate powder is raw and unflavoured thus it doesn’t contain any side effects. Also, it is pure raw with protein and doesn’t contain any side effects.

Special Precautions and Warnings

You can consume this protein powder early in the morning. You should not mix it with any other meal or antibiotics. Anyone can consume it even lactose-intolerant people can also have this plant based protein powder. This is because this protein powder is completely safe to consume.


This product is 100% vegan and if you are consuming it early in the morning then it is more beneficial to your body. Also, do not consume any other product or medicine along with this protein powder. Your body must have a gap of 1 hour to consume any other meal or antibiotic.


You should not consume this protein powder in heavy amounts. It is recommended to have one scoop of protein powder on an empty stomach.

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