HealthOxide Marine Collagen Peptides with Hyaluronic Acid(Kiwi Strawberry)-200gm

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  • COLLAGEN FOR SKIN: A hydrogenated marine collagen supplement increases skin moisture and elasticity and aids in anti-aging.
  • BOOST METABOLISM AND ENERGY: A healthy metabolism requires collagen protein, and Glycine boosts metabolism and energy levels. It also facilitates muscle growth, which burns more calories than fat.
  • COLLAGEN FOR HAIR & NAILS: Collagen increases youthful appearance of the skin, maintains sleek, shiny hair, and creates stronger nails. Natural marine nutrition can also help clear up skin problems, preventing premature aging.
  • SUPPORT HEALTHY JOINTS AND BONES: Our collagen levels decrease by 1.5% per year after age 25. It has been found that adding marine collagen helps joints move easier and may reduce joint deterioration, as well as maintains healthy bones. Healthoxide Collagen is an intestinally friendly protein that supports a healthy metabolism, muscles, joints, bones.
  • GLOWING SKIN & FADE WRINKLES: Women and men can benefit from collagen for plumping their skin and reducing wrinkles.
Product description

Using HealthOxide Marine collagen peptide contains hyaluronic acid that helps boost skin moisture. It is a collagen supplement that will increase the elasticity of your skin. It will also aid in anti-aging. To boost the overall metabolism of the skin, you need to use a collagen protein.

Uses & Effectiveness?

Boosts energy: For maintaining a healthy metabolism of the body, your body needs collagen protein. These marine collagen peptides benefit in boosting the energy level of the body. It contains glycine that will improve muscle growth and help in lowering calories.

Increase the overall appearance of skin: This protein powder contains collagen for hair and nails. In addition, it increases the overall appearance of the skin. You will start experiencing changes in skin, and hair, and get stronger nails.

How to use it?


Scoop it up: You can add one scoop which is around 6 gm of collagen powder.


Mix and Shake: Mix and shake it well with 100-150 ml of water.


Savor the Goodness: Stir it well and you are good to go with this delicious collagen protein shake.

How can I take it?

Early morning: You can have this protein powder early in the morning. As a result, your stomach is empty for more than 6 hours so it is best to consume it.

Post workout: After completing your workout, you can consume this collagen protein mixture. It is the best marine collagen in India that provides a lot of benefits to you.

What Does The Product Do

These marine collagen peptides benefits in maintaining healthy joints and bones. After a certain age, the collagen level of our body decreases by 1.5%. By using a collagen booster, you will experience a gradual change in the movement of joints. It will become much easier to move as well as deterioration of joints will be reduced.


There are a lot of marine collagen peptide benefits such as getting glowing skin, fading wrinkles, less joint deterioration, etc. This protein powder is extremely friendly to your stomach. Thus, you will experience a healthy metabolism level, muscle mass, and good strength in bones and joints.

side effects

There is no side effect of consuming HealthOxide Marine Collagen Peptides. But still, if you experience any side effects after the consumption of this protein powder then take the help of experts.

Special Precautions and Warnings

It is beneficial for a consumer to have a gap of 1-2 hours for consuming protein powder. You can't have a meal just after consuming protein powder. Try to maintain a gap so that it will not affect your digestive system.


If you are consuming any antibiotic then do not mix it with the protein powder. It is beneficial for you to divide your meals by consuming a protein powder.


If you are consuming it for the first time then it is recommended to consume one scoop of protein in a day. You can mix it with water and stir it well to consume the protein mixture.

HealthOxide Marine Collagen Peptides facts

Amount Per 100 grams

Amount per Serving

% RDA Per Serving


303.3 kcal

18.2 kcal



75 gm

4.5 gm


Total Carbohydrates

.83 gm

0.05 gm


Total Sugar

0 gm

0 gm


Added Sugar

0 gm

0 gm



0 gm

0 gm



250 mg

15 mg


Vitamin C

1.33 gm

80 mg


Hyaluronic Acid

833 mg

50 mg


Zinc (as Zinc Citrate)

283 mg

17 mg



667 mcg

40 mcg


*% RDA values based on ICMR RDA for men's sedentary activities.

**% RDA values are not established by ICMR.

Additional information
Manufactured ByNutricore Biosciences Private Limited
No. 18, Kohinoor, Varachha Main Rd, opp. GK Chambers,
Mini Bazar, Surat, Gujarat 395006
Country of Origin India
Shelf life 18 Months
Net Quantity 200G
FSSAI Lic No.10715031000061
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Pure Marine Collagen benefits your hair, skin and nails by protecting and restoring collagen structure, ensuring healthier hair, skin and nails. Our scientifically researched recipe is a potent, powerful and effective holistic wellness solution.

Improves Skin Elasticity

Having a regular intake of marine collagen allows your skin cells to renew and repair as normal, which will make your skin smoother and firmer.

 Improves Hair and Nails Growth 

You may benefit from taking collagen by preventing brittleness in the nails, as well as by attracting more hair and nails.

 Promote Bone Strength

Researchers have found that marine collagen peptides aid in calcium absorption, an essential mineral for bone health

 Brain Health

Collagen supplements are not known to have an impact on brain health, but some people claim this supplement improves mood and reduces anxiety.

 Boosts Metabolism & Energy

In addition to adding lean muscle mass to your frame, collagen may help you convert essential nutrients more efficiently. The complete amino acid profile of our Pure Marine Collagen promotes healthy gut function and increases energy levels due to its amino acid profile that includes glycine, glutamine, and proline.

Healthoxide Marine Collagen

What is Collagen?

A prominent protein in the human body, collagen is a crucial component of collagen, which is found in various parts of the body like skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Why Healthoxide Marine Collagen?

Healthoxide Marine Collagen works on strengthening the bones and joints in the human body, as well as adding shine to the hair, skin, and nails, and improving their texture.

Recommended Usage 

Add one scoop (6gm) of marine Collagen Powder With 100 to 150ml water 

Stir well 

 And enjoy the  deliciousness. 

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Why It Is Safe


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