GAINSure Mass and Weight Gainer powder – 500 gms (Cream Vanilla)

  • Helps gain weight easily.
  • Provides balance amount of carbohydrates and protein which helps rapid weight gain
  • BETTER CARBS – Healthoxide Gainsure is a packed with 1:4 protein:carbs ratio with vitamins and minerals which also helps to build lean muscles
  • Great testing flavor – Vanilla Cream. Gives delicious taste with milk and water both.
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-->HEALTHOXIDE Gainsure Provides 26 vitamins & minerals. 7.5g dietary fiber and 39g protein in every 100g offer better nutrition than a regular meal. 

-->HEALTHOXIDE Gainsure is an advanced weight gain formula with good facts that also promotes ketones generation in the body. 

Customer Reviews

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Pooja Singh
true and trusted brand

I purchased 1 Kg and the scoop is of 100g that means we can only use it for 10 days. So if anyone buying, buy of 3Kg so it can run for 30 days and yes after buying 1kg of weight gainer my weight gain 1kg.

Ishant Gautam
belive me it works

Very good product, 3rd tme im using this, and believe me, its make significant and noticeable difference in my body,.. and main thing 0 side effect..

Rohit Roushan
thank you healthoxide

The flavors are superb with cold milk. Tastes like nescafe cold coffee..Amazing Taste....I have used it for about 10 days now and gained 1kg weight. So , overall it is good product at this price.

Love Choubisa
under process

This is the first order of mine I have taken these one scoop per day and my first 1kg has been completed,but I didn't gained any weight. Bit I have order secon 2kg for continuing a month again will update the result once I complete the 2kg.

Karan Shukla
surely weight gain

No doubt Muscleblaze is the beat brand for protein and other supplements.

Customer Reviews

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HealthOxide GAINSure is the Advanced weight gain formula.

Advanced Formula 

This advanced formula combines the highest quality whey protein and soya protein isolate with a scienfically tested weight gain ingredients. 

All in 1 Formula

GAINSure is perfect formula for people with underweight and wants to increase the body mass and gaining the weight. This All-in-1 formula delivers balance amount protein, carbohydrate and fat with vital vitamins and minerals. 


HealhOxide designed this perfect combinaon which delivers never before weight gain results. 

Balanced Nutrition 

It has a Protein Digesbility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1. PDCAAS is the world standard of evaluang the quality of protein from different food sources, and the highest possible score is 1. 

Delicious Taste

HealthOxide GAINSure is more than a meal with balanced nutrion profile serves you with high end weight gain ingredients. 

Ideal Way to Weight Gain

 It is very delicious in taste – Vanilla Cream flavoured. HealthOxide GAINSure gives High calorie diet with necessary carbohydrates and good fats. 

Key Benefits of Gainsure

Better Carbs

HEALTHOXIDE Gainsure is packed with 1:4 protein : carbs ratio which increase weight  with lean muscles 

Better Nutrition 

HEALTHOXIDE Gainsure Provides 26 vitamins & minerals. 7.5 g dietary fiber and 39 g protein in every 100 g which offers better nutrition than regular meal. 

Better Fat

HEALTHOXIDE Gainsure is an advanced weight gain formula with good amount of good facts which also promotes ketones generation in the body. 

Trusted By Thousands Customers

Recommended Usage 

Take 30g (1 scoop) of Healthoxide Gainsure with 300 ml of fat free milk. 

Add banana, shake / stir well 

 And enjoy the  deliciousness. 

You can also Create your customized recipes by mixing Healthoxide Gainsure with fruit juices. 

Why It Is Safe


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