Pure Raw Whey Protein 80%

  • 80 percent of protein from whey
  • 100% natural organic protein, Whey is a great addition to your healthy, balanced diet
  • A complete organic protein derived from cow’s milk
  • Ultra filtered and easy-to-mix powder from world’s number 1 seller of protein
  • Contains 24 grams of whey protein.; Shaker’s Shape may be Different from Image
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A High Quality Natural Whey Protein derived from cow’s milk and is considered a complete protein because it contains all of the essential amino acids that can only be taken in through diet from the World’s bestseller of Natural Whey protein. Because of ultra-filtering and other processes, Health-Oxide Whey has much of the fat, carbohydrates and other undesirable components removed, leaving you with an easy-to-mix powder providing 24 grams of Pure Natural whey protein per serving.
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Add 1 heaping scoop (30g) to 160 ml -190 ml of cold water / skimmed milk / juices any other beverages of your choice. Blend for 45-60 seconds for good creamy shake. Take 1-2 crater n shakes near day or as recommended by a nutritionist to build lean muscle mass.
EARLY MORNING As level of glycogen dropping down- your body start consuming stored amine acids in the muscle to onset the effects.
A strenuous workout session leaves your muscles Starved, making them absorb more protein compared to any other time of the day being a fast acting protein
IN BETWEEN MEALS: Consuming Healthoxide Natural Whey Protein in between meals keeps your body in an anabolic and positive nitrogen balance state throughout the day.
Important, allow 48 hours of recovery between workout involving the same body parts. Remember to combine Healthoxide Natural Whey
Protein with proper training and optimum diet for best results. Taking rest is import.

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