Healthoxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia

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  • 25 grams of whey protein per serving with whey protein isolates as the primary ingredient. 5.4 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs in each serving.
  • Sweetened naturally through 100% natural sweetener stevia. Fortified with digestive enzymes and omega 3. Added 200 mg DHA per serving.
  • Zero added Sugar. Made through 100% organic grass fed cow whey protein. Non GMO and free from banned substances.
  • Gives stamina, boosts energy, absolute muscle recovery, enhanced digestion with enzymes. Comes with delicious taste, excellent solubility and micro granular particle size. Use first thing in the morning, before/after exercise or after weight training. Product is made in WHO-GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified facility.
Product description

Fuel your muscles and increase stamina with HealthOxide’s Natural Whey Protein Powder with Stevia. Enjoy delicious flavors and natural sweetening – maintain a healthy lifestyle with our whey protein powder for weight loss.

✔Each whey protein powder serving packs 25g of whey protein, featuring whey protein isolate as the primary ingredient.

✔India’s top ranking whey protein by USA LABDOOR

✔Benefit from 5.4g of naturally occurring BCAAs per whey powder serving.

✔Sweetened with 100% natural stevia for guilt-free satisfaction.

✔Fortified with digestive enzymes and omega-3, plus 200mg of DHA per serving.

Natural whey protein made from 100% organic grass-fed cow whey protein, non-GMO, and free from banned substances.

✔Manufactured in a WHO-GMP, HACCP, FDA, and ISO 22000 certified facility.

✔Experience enhanced stamina, energy, muscle recovery, and improved digestion with added enzymes.

✔Enjoy delicious flavor, excellent solubility, and micro-granular particle size.

Take your fitness journey to the next level with HealthOxide Whey Protein Powder with Stevia – the ultimate choice for strong and healthy muscles.

What are the benefits of HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia?

Enhance your fitness journey with HealthOxide’s Whey Protein with Stevia. Sweetened with 100% natural stevia, it delivers a rich source of high-quality protein without the need for added sugars. 

  • Improved muscle growth and strength
  • Sustained endurance
  • Faster recovery
  • Immunity boost
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Preserves lean muscle mass

Get holistic health and fitness support with HealthOxide’s Stevia Whey Protein. You won't find another whey protein powder that matches this exceptional combination of quality and value. Achieve your fitness goals with HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia now!    

How to use HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia?

Now, enjoy your daily dose of proteins in awesome flavors - Afghan Falooda, Cold Coffee, Double Rich Chocolate, and Mango Milk Shake.

Step 1:

Scoop It Up: Begin by taking one scoop (equivalent to 33g) of HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia.

Step 2:

Mix & Shake: Add it to a glass of chilled milk or water, and then give it a good shake for about a minute.

Step 3:

Savor the Goodness: And there you have it – your protein drink is ready to be savored! It's truly that simple.

Make HealthOxide Whey Protein with Stevia a part of your daily diet. Here's to your journey towards a healthier you! Cheers! 

When to use HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia?  

Discover the perfect moments to indulge in the deliciousness of HealthOxide Whey Protein powder with natural sweeteners.

✔️Post-Workout Boost: Consume it within 30-60 mins post-workout to revitalize and improve muscle growth.

✔️ Breakfast of Champions: Kick off your day with a protein-packed powerhouse. Mix it with your favorite smoothies or porridge.

✔️ On-the-Go Nutrition: Have it as a midday protein punch while at the office or home. 

✔️ Travel Essential: Treat yourself to a protein kick while traveling. Take your protein goals with you wherever you go.

Start your fitness journey with HealthOxide’s naturally sweetened whey protein powder. It is the easiest way to stay supercharged all the time.

Does HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia have any side effects?

Whey Protein with Stevia is safe and has immense benefits when taken in the recommended amounts. It is generally safe for men and women and has no known side effects.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

  • Seek medical advice or guidance if you have kidney, liver, or lactose intolerance issues.
  •  Pregnant or lactating women must consult their doctor before consumption.

HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia Ingredients

Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Peptides, Cocoa Solids (Processed With Alkali), Omega 3 (Flaxseed), Encapsulated DHA, Sweetener (Stevia - INS 960), Digestive Enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Lactase), Natural and Nature Identical Flavour (Chocolate), Bitterness Masker, Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide - INS 551).

HealthOxide Whey Protein with 100% Natural Sweetener Stevia Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop (33g)

Serving per pack: 30 Approx.

Amount per 100g

Amount per serving

%RDA* per serving


391 kcal

129 kcal



75.75 g

25 g


Total Fat

3.03 g

1 g


Saturated Fatty Acid

2.7 g

0.9 g


Trans Fatty Acid

0 g

0 g



15 mg

5 mg


Total Carbohydrates

15.15 g

5 g


Total Sugar

0 g

0 g


Added Sugar

0 g

0 g



151.5 mg

50 mg


Digestive Enzymes

(Protease, Amylase, Lactase)

454.54 mg

150 mg


*%RDA values based on ICMR RDA for men sedentary activity.

**% RDA values are not established by ICMR.

Typical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving

Essential Amino Acids


Conditionally Essential Amino Acids (CAAs)

Nonessential Amino Acids (NAAs)

Leucine (2.55g)

Glutamic Acid (4.5g)

Aspartic Acid (2.61g)

Lysine (2.4g)

Proline (1.53g)

Serine (1.12g)

Threonine (1.8g)

Tyrosine (0.7g)

Alanine (1.22g)

Valine (1.3g)

Arginine (0.58g)

Isoleucine (1.55g)

Cysteine (0.64g)

Phenylalanine (0.8g)

Glycine (0.43g)

Methionine (0.52g)

Histidine (0.37g)

Tryptophan (0.38g)




Total BCAAs 5.4 grams

Additional information
Manufactured ByNutricore Biosciences Private Limited
No. 18, Kohinoor, Varachha Main Rd, opp. GK Chambers,
Mini Bazar, Surat, Gujarat 395006
Country of Origin India
Shelf life 18 Months
Net Quantity 1kg
FSSAI Lic No.10715031000061
Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Paresh Babaria
Fantastic product

I have been using protein powder since last one and half year and highly satisfied with product.

Shreyas Dugar
Product manufactured a year ago, abysmal customer service

My first order from HealthOxide (Double Rich Chocolate) in July was great. I rated it 4 stars.

The second time around, I ordered Cold Coffee... and, holy hell, it was dreadful. Now, I don't know what to blame - the product being over a year old (manufacturing date on the label is Aug 2022) or if the Cold Coffee flavor is an absolute disaster - but it has been a nightmare!

As soon as I opened the jar, there was no delightful aroma to greet me like the previous one. Instead, every time I open the jar, the smell is that of rotten peanuts or oil. I told myself, "Okay, poor organoleptic properties, hopefully the taste will be alright." But no.

No, the taste was absolutely weak. A tiny whiff of "coffee" flavor, at best. And I don't know if the flavor is like this or if it's because I got an year-old product, but when mixed with water, this has an oily texture.

I immediately contacted their customer service by phone 9 days ago. They listened to me and asked me to send a picture of the batch number and manufacturing date to them via Whatsapp. I did. And they told me to wait until the coming Monday (14-Aug) for them to do "testing" on another jar from the same batch. I thought this was pointless, because the product in question is with me, but I agreed anyway.

Fast-forward to 20th of August (today), despite trying to call them and writing to them again on Whatsapp, there has been no response whatsoever - which is why, I'm compelled to write this review.

Hate to say this, but this is why Indian brands will always bear negative opinions. A similar experience with Dymatize ISO100 (imported from Muscle&Strength) occurred earlier this year, and they sent me a replacement immediately!

Extremely disappointing, HealthOxide. I thought I'd found a decent Indian brand that makes and sells good quality whey protein, providing good customer support. Shame on me for trusting you.

Nitin S
Great taste but mixability may be an issue for some

Very good in taste but mixability needs to be addressed as it takes a lot of mixing or more water for a lump free shake.

Dashmeet Singh
Its tastes too good specially mango flavor

Its tastes too good specially mango flavor

Khalid Bhat
Quality maters

Feed your body what’s best

Why It Is Safe





Are the Healthoxide products safe?

What is the Healthoxide cancellation policy?

What is the return policy on Healthoxide?

What is the refunds policy on Healthoxide?

How much time does it take for an order to be delivered?

This perfect blend of finest quality whey protein isolates (WPI). whey protein concentrates (WPC) and whey peptides (WPH) along with a refreshing taste provide 25 grams of protein per serving. We have designed this blend to ensure RAPID UPTAKE of amino acids in to your blood- stream. HEALTHOXIDE Whey blend has substantial amount of NATURALLY OCCURRING BCAA, Glutamine and precursors, essential and nonessential amino acids that are optimum for fulfilling your daily requirements. Whey blend is INSTANTISED. It means that is easily soluble in water with the help of a spoon or stirrer in absence of shaker or blender.

Promotes muscle growth

Due to its richness in leucine (a branched-chain amino acid), whey protein is effective for preventing age-related muscle loss, as well as for improving strength and endurance.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can be harmful, and it can contribute to many diseases. It may be caused by underlying health conditions, or it might be caused by lifestyle habits that impair your health.

Reduce hunger

Satiety is a feeling of fullness after eating a meal that is opposite to appetite and hunger, and it suppresses eating cravings and desires.

 Helps to lose weight

Weight loss strategies that increase protein consumption are well known.

Healthoxide Whey Protein

Details of Whey Protein

Healthoxide Whey Protein Powder contains pure whey isolates and concentrates, which are a natural source of protein. Healthoxide Whey Protein supplements your diet by justifying the protein intake, delivering proteins to the muscles to give them bulk, and resulting in an exceptional blend of undenatured proteins. Healthoxide Whey Protein provides you with 25g of pure protein, 5.4g of BCAA, and 200mg of DHA to provide you with the workout energy and immune system, so you can achieve your desired body physique.

 What is whey protein concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate is another form of whey protein that is commonly available. In concentrated forms, there are biologically active components with beneficial properties – the same as the stuff in whole milk. There is more lactose in whey protein concentrate than it is in isolate. The concentrated form of whey protein is rich in BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) as well as glutamine, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build or maintain muscle mass.



Start your day with ONE scoop of HEALTHOXIDE Whey Protein Blend in 180 to 200 ml of water.

POST WORKOUT (The window of opportunity)

Along with ONE scoop of Health Oxide Whey Protein Blend add around 0.4 grams glucose or glucose per pound of body weight to appropriate amount of cold water. Shake well and consume immediately after your workout in order to restore depleted glycogen and repair the muscles. This is the time when the absorption rate of muscles is the highest.

Before you sleep (Remain in anabolic state 24/7)

Take ONE scoop of HEALTHOXIDE Whey Protein Blend before you sleep. This leads to slow release of amino acids in your bloodstream for long hours ensuring that your body remains in an anabolic state even while you sleep.

Trusted By Thousands Customers

Recommended Usage 

Add a scoop (given inside the container) of 33 g in to 180 to 200 ml water, fat free milk or other suitable beverage of choice

Stir well 

 And enjoy the  deliciousness. 

Why It Is Safe


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