Is fast weight loss the right way to loose weight?

by Healthoxide store on 23:10 | Dec 02, 2020

Is fast weight loss the right way to loose weight? - HealthOxide


We often fall prey to advertisements like ‘Lose weight in 10 days’ or ‘ Drop two sizes in a week’ and sign up for such programs. These quick fixes for weight loss are not only short-lived but may also come with serious side effects that can damage the metabolism of your body. The crash diets and supplements for weight loss promise a quick and easy weight loss in a short time.

But do they work? Are they risky?

Take a look at what these quick weight loss practices are all about.


The word ‘lose weight quickly’ is often a marketing gimmick to sell products that may help to lose weight quickly. Mind you, none of these have a long-term effect and on the contrary, may also come with side effects so tread carefully.

Starvation diets

They can be sold to you in different ways such as cleansing your body, detoxing the body in 10 days, etc. Various water infusions have been popular since the ’60s. Enemas and colon cleaning are promoted to detox the body to lose weight.


Several diet pills are marketed to promote weight loss. They claim to block nutrient absorption, burn fat, and boost metabolism. Usually these would be part of a more whole weight loss program.

Low-calorie diet

A low-calorie diet is the most trending method followed by people who opt for quick weight loss strategies. Some of them are also medically supervised.

Creams and packs

Well, there is no end to what gets sold in the pretext of weight loss. The maximum of these creams are sold as a replacement for diets and exercise.


Deficiency in nutrition

Crash diets can cause serious side effects like slow metabolism, deficiency in vital nutrients, and cause muscle loss. The problem with crash diets is that it is not sustainable. Crash diets are not a long term diet plan, and all the weight loss is gained back.

Instead of losing fat with clean and mindful eating may help to lose weight healthily with a balanced lifestyle.

In crash diets, the weight loss is usually the water weight loss. The body burns the glycogen for energy as crash dieting doesn’t bring in the required nutrients to the body. It can cause serious side effects on your body.

Feel lethargic and exhausted

A crash diet may make you feel tired even after a good night's sleep. The malnourishment due to a restrictive diet can make you feel fatigued and lethargic even during the day. You may also develop a deficiency in vital vitamins and become anemic.

Slow metabolism

Crash dieting slows down the metabolism, and the slow metabolism can last longer even after your diet. If you have a slow metabolism, it will burn fewer calories that result in quicker weight gain after eating less amount of food. It can affect your overall health and also the sleep cycle.

Can cause gallbladder stones

The role of gallbladder is to produce digestive juices to help digest fatty food. If there is a sudden drop in food intake, the gallbladder stops releasing these juices. This results in the clogging of the gallbladder with the juices not moving that may cause gallbladder stones. In some severe cases, it may require surgery too.

Quick weight loss is not sustainable in the long run

The reason is simple- restricting calorie intake can be a short term approach, not a long term one. If losing weight is a long term plan, it is advisable to follow healthy and clean eating and lose weight gradually over a longer period. It is said that you shouldn’t lose more than 1 kg per week as it isn’t practical or sustainable in the long run.

Cause muscle loss

Most of the quick weight loss ideas cause muscle and water loss. The weight loss may help temporarily, but if you want to increase muscle and reduce fat later, it can take a while to gain.


Clean eating

What you eat plays an important role in weight loss. Eating a balanced meal with an equal proportion of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat will help you stay fuller, provide more energy, and help you lose weight.

Reduce fried and processed meals

They are rich in unhealthy fats and unprocessed sugar that increases body fat and also increases the blood sugar levels of the body. It leads to a feeling of being hungry even after eating, thus leading to weight gain.


If you want to grow muscles, resistance training is known to be very helpful. Exercise and follow a high-intensity workout that can burn calories during and after a workout. You can also hire a trainer to curate a set of workouts for you for fat burning and weight loss.

Consult a nutritionist

If you want to work on a diet for weight loss, it is recommended to meet a dietician or a nutritionist. A nutritional therapy diet leads to a steady weight loss while following a balanced meal. If you body and lifestyle suits a KETO or ketogenic low carb diet then this might be one the solutions that work for.


Practicing Yoga regularly boosts the metabolism and can help to lose weight. It tones the muscles and encourages fat loss when practiced regularly. Some yoga poses that are effective for weight loss are Plank pose, Warrior pose, Triangle pose, Shoulder stand, Bow pose, etc. It also provides more flexibility to the body.